I do everything with core values of honesty, hard work and trust. My goal is to have these characteristics influence everything I do in business and in life. I sincerely enjoy the work I do, and am grateful and eager for each new project.

Want an original website, tailored to your needs? Custom web design and development is my business. I attach great importance to my craft, with clear, timely, personal and friendly service.

I aim high at being focused on building relationships with my clients — using my creativity drives this foundation. I stay detail oriented with every project, which allows me to turn all work completed into something I love and have much pride in.


Doing what I love most

I’m a mum and farmwife with a really cool day job. I design and develop websites in my pj’s. This is everything I want and more.

F3 Designs began as F3 (Faye Fossay Freelance) in 2006. That was when I pursued my dream; to do what I love most in the comfort of my home, all within reach of my family.


Working hard and staying honest

When I started F3 Designs, my approach was simple. Stay honest, work hard, live simpler, be happy.

My approach seems to be working. I’m bursting with happiness and enjoying a simpler life. I am grateful to work out of my home, surrounded by my family with a foundation that reminds me daily of what I value most – honesty, hard work and trust.

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An honourable and prestigious award

I was very proud to be selected as 1 of 28 finalists (of 200+ nominees) for the 2014 Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

I invite you to read these humbling letters of reference from clients, associates and mentors whom have provided me with valuable business, support and mentorship over the years.

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