The Value of Enough

When I was a young child, our local butcher shop cut and wrapped our meats exactly to our liking. Our gas station attendant knew and greeted us by name. An overhead doorbell would ring a warm welcome when we entered our general store. Back then, we had care and connection — a simpler time when we valued enough.

Combining Expertise with Love

In 2006, the prospect of a balanced life seemed distant. I was a devoted Farmwife, Mum to two young kids, an aspiring student, and was pursuing a fulfilling profession in the city. Commuting was a challenge, although it gave me lots of time to think about how I could combine my expertise with my love of being at home and with my family.

As a result of my roadway reflections, I launched F3 Designs (Faye Fossay Freelance). This decision gave my work life purpose, and my family life meaning. It didn’t take long for me to consider myself successful — I had a growing list of clients that valued and trusted my offerings, and I prospered by caring for and connecting with them. Best of all, I was working in the comfort of my home — all within arm’s reach of my family and our farm.

Reaching More than Enough

Fast forward several years. I was caring for a busy family, helping where I could on our farm, managing my freelance business, and discovering a new and exhilarating opportunity (my Farm Life Best Life). I had reached more than enough — a combination of enriching circumstances that ultimately led to my best self. Reaching this milestone gave me the incentive to seek a new balance in my life — a symmetry that would include equal measures of family with farm life, web creation, and furniture restoration.

Feeling and Fitting Just Right

Care and connection are essential to me. At present, I’m grateful for my existing clients and select-few prospective clients that feel and fit my business just right. This approach allows me to nurture relationships with genuine folk who share our values, appreciate our vision, and trust our input.

Growing bigger isn’t always better. Getting better however, always is. I believe in and want care and connection in my life. I do my best work knowing who I matter to. I am staying honest, working hard, living simpler, and oh so very happy.

I have and am valuing enough.


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