How Canadian is your domain?


As we mark Canada’s 150th birthday, take a moment to look ahead! Help influence the future of Canada’s Internet!

Millions of people and businesses trust .CA to brand themselves as Canadian online. Whether you’re a small business, an aspiring entrepreneur, a local charity, or just a person with a great idea, here’s why you should choose .CA for your domain name.

What can you do with a .CA domain?

A .CA domain name is a great place to bring your ideas to life online. The most obvious use for a .CA domain is to build and host a website. If you’re not quite ready to build a website, there are several other things you can do with your domain, such as:

  1. Create a customized email address: Add a layer of professionalism to your emails with customers or potential employers with a custom email address.
  2. Protect your brand online: Be proactive and register your .CA domain before someone else does.
  3. Forward it to an online profile or store: Not ready to build a website? No problem. You can forward your .CA domain to another online or social media profile, like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Etsy – anywhere you want.

Expand your digital footprint!

Registering and using multiple domain names is great for building your business, protecting your brand name, and creating a dynamic online identity. When you register multiple domain names, you can protect your brand and online identity and:

  • Keep your competition from registering a similar domain drawing customers to them instead of you
  • Promote the different products and services you offer
  • Enjoy more opportunities to market and be listed in search engines
  • Create distinct advertising strategies reaching different target markets
  • Provide customers more ways to find you when searching the Internet
  • Improve your search engine ranking

Discover new ways to broaden your online marketing!

Did you know?

Did you know that .CA domains identify you as Canadian online, will rank higher in Canadian Internet searches and are an investment in a better Internet for Canada?

And did you know that 75% of Canadians prefer to visit and shop at .CA domains?

And did you also know that to buy a .CA domain you have to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident?  That’s right — .CA domains are just for us Canadians!

Happy Canada Day!

Let’s build a better online Canada together! A .CA domain identifies us with being proudly Canadian without us even having to say it.  It’s like pinning a maple leaf on your backpack. ❤

Securing and managing domains isn’t always easy. Don’t know where to start? That’s where I come in, and would be pleased to hear from you — please get in touch any time!

It’s Canada’s 150th Birthday – now how bout that eh?! Wishing all my fellow Canadians a Happy Canada Day, and a very safe and fun summer ahead!

Proudly Canadian,





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