Expand your digital footprint. Discover new ways to broaden your online marketing.


The Dot is making new friends, and they’re changing the Internet.

These new friends are known as “new” domains.

Some are brands, names you already know, who are designing new ways to better serve your online needs:


Some are generic, everyday words that just might attract your personal or professional online interests:


Others are cities and towns, offering an online home for you and your business:


Protect your brand.

Your brand is your signature and how people identify with you both online and off. You can protect your brand in a number of ways, among them being building up your domain portfolio.

For example, if you’re a fashion designer, register a number of “new” domains that go beyond .COM and .CA:


Improve your search rankings.

Did you know that the words in your domain are considered keywords? “New” domains give you the opportunity to have keywords not only in your website content and domain name, but AS your domain name.

Not only are “new” domains a slam dunk for your SEO efforts, they are ridiculously easy to remember. Who can forget a website that ends in:


Get creative with your marketing campaigns.

Offering a free gift to new customers? Looking to promote a new product or service? Launching a contest for your existing customers? Make it memorable:


Use domains in alternative ways.

Host your sales and promotions, highlight your purpose, and maybe even launch a new swag shop.


How Canadian is your domain eh?

In July 2014, Google took steps to help push local content to the top of their search results. So what does this mean for you and your business? It proves that grabbing a city or country domain, such as a .CA, are wise investments for your domain portfolio.


With the majority of Canadians associating the .CA domain with Canadian businesses, it makes sense to grab one to go along with your .COM and/or other domain(s).

Have your customers land in just the right spot.

So what should you do once you secure “new” domains?

As a starting-point, multiple domains can be ‘parked’ to redirect to your primary domain; meaning if someone was to visit yoursite.PROMO, they would be re-routed to yoursite.CA where your website resides.

Once you’re ready to effectively utilize your “new” domain(s), other marketing strategies can be considered, such as a landing page. A landing page is a website page where a visitor will “land” when they click on or visit a link. This link can come from a variety of sources, including social media posts, thank-you cards, price lists, menus, etc.

A custom landing page encourages visitors to take a certain action (also known as a CTA, or “Call to Action”). A custom landing page gives your visitors explicit instructions on next steps and, most importantly makes it easy for them to perform those steps.

If you are looking to convert your leads into sales, a custom landing page can definitely help. Don’t fret – an effective landing page doesn’t have to be complicated. A single, enticing image with a clear and concise CTA is usually all it takes to start seeing conversions.

Want to learn more? Check out this video.

The Dot’s new friends will show us new things, take us to new places and open new paths to innovation.


Looking to broaden your online marketing? F3 Designs can help.

Expand your digital footprint. Discover new ways to broaden your online marketing.

At F3 Designs, we love bringing businesses, ideas, stories and creativity to life and to the web.

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